Listening to our citizens

Candidate Christina "Kelley" G. Merrill

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For Buncombe County Commissioner District -2


"The spend more, tax more mentality is not sustainable and has got to stop!"

It is very concerning that we are failing our most vulnerable citizens, our Seniors who are on a fixed income, our  families who are working hard to make ends meet, our young adults who can not afford to live here and our children who will inherit over 400 million in County debt.  We have all felt the sting of recent tax increases and agree that this "spend more, tax more" direction has got to stop.

As your fiscally conservative voice on the Commission, I will listen to our citizens make decisions based on what our families and entrepreneurs actually want, instead of trying to further personal and political agendas at the cost of our tax payers. Together we can do better - I humbley ask for your vote this November. Let's return Buncombe County into an affordable place to live, work and play!